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Sea of Dreams Free! on #Kindle

Bring in the New Year with a bit of fantasy & magic!  Sea of Dreams by D.A. Henneman, free for Kindle download on Amazon December 30, 2016 until January 2, 2017. Follow D.A.'s Author page for news on upcoming release of Book Two, in the Power of Four series - Winds of Change. Updates also on… Continue reading Sea of Dreams Free! on #Kindle

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Soundtrack of my Life – Entry #4

The beginning of my childhood was spent on an island, Oahu to be precise, and I didn't know what it meant to wear shoes until I moved to the mainland at the age of 8. I also didn't realize that Christmases could be white, that evergreens weren't always palm trees, and that on the 5th day… Continue reading Soundtrack of my Life – Entry #4