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Book Review: Kiss of the Highlander

   By: Karen Marie Moning "Gwen Cassidy needed a man. Desperately. Failing that, she'd settle for a cigarette." - Kiss of the Highlander. I loved Gwen and I loved this story! The sense of humor is one I can appreciate, the characters have strong voices and relatable issues, and there is just enough magic to pull… Continue reading Book Review: Kiss of the Highlander

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Rewrites…a necessary evil

Rewrites are a necessary, albeit evil part of the editing process, with the red slashes of ink on the manuscript looking like something from the movie Jaws. However, without them, the story only reflects the water's surface. Perhaps it goes as far as snorkeling, but the tale generally doesn't get to the deep diving level that it… Continue reading Rewrites…a necessary evil

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Soundtrack of my Life – Entry #5

There are times when music can move me to tears. There is also music that can make my pulse quicken and bring a sense of childhood excitement to the front of my psyche. For me, the Star Wars main theme, played at the beginning of every movie of the franchise, does just that. Each and every time.… Continue reading Soundtrack of my Life – Entry #5