My latest Google search topic…

I write romance, so it couldn't be helped... my latest Google search topic was "Hot Scottish Men in Kilts."  It truly was for research purposes I promise!  While I was looking for the perfect Logan in my current work-in-progress, I found a ton of amazing pictures of very handsome men, but alas... no one that… Continue reading My latest Google search topic…

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Would love a Follow! @SarayBooksDA

I am in the final stages of production for the second book in my Power of Four series, and thought this would be a good time to remind everyone of where they can follow me. For those of you interested in reading my genre, which is Magical Fantasy with a bit of spicy Romance, I am… Continue reading Would love a Follow! @SarayBooksDA

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Soundtrack of my Life – Entry #8

It is hard to believe "the eighties" are now ancient history. That the people I knew growing up are sneaking up towards retirement, have had children of their own, and perhaps even grandchildren. That the bands we listened to and the stars we watched at the movies are now adorning the cover of the AARP Magazine (not… Continue reading Soundtrack of my Life – Entry #8

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There are not enough hours in the day to write! Or are there?

When life gets in the way and leaves me with little time to write…I get cranky. The sense that I will never have time to write again, sneaks silently into my mind and feeds my lethargy. When I cry that there aren't enough hours in the day, I force myself to look back over the… Continue reading There are not enough hours in the day to write! Or are there?