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Soundtrack of my Life – Entry #11

Anyone who has seen The Greatest Showman would have to agree that their soundtrack is amazing. If you don’t, well then, this post won’t interest you. But for those who connected to the same message in that movie that I did, I feel that “This is Me” is one of the most amazing numbers in the show. For a laundry list of reasons, out of all the songs, it resonated the most with me.

The song spreads its arms wide and welcomes everyone who is unique, challenged or downtrodden. It empowers those who hide away to be proud of who they are. The message is amazing, and one that I could have used much earlier in my life. While my challenges were minimal and were overcome with age and wisdom, they still affected me deeply at the time. In a lot of ways, the way I felt about myself was the reason I embraced writing all those years ago. I have been shifting negatives to positives ever since.

For anyone out there who is struggling with their identity, who is the last one chosen for teams in gym, for those creatives who prefer a dark room to a social function, you have a place…you are worthy…and this song’s for you.

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