Genre: Adult Fantasy Romance


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What if the Fates were unable to maintain Universal balance on their own, and they gifted four unsuspecting women with the powers of the Elements? How would that impact the world as we know it? And how would it change their lives, and the lives of the men who love them?

Four women from very different backgrounds realize, through strange things happening to them, that they are destined to embody the power of an element. Since the elements are the four core energies in nature that create and sustain life, any imbalance in these energies would create chaos.

The Shadowman, a frightening creature that thrives on chaos and is no longer in control of his master, has a growing need to absorb the elemental powers. When forced to fight him, the women realize the importance of honing their newly gifted craft, and re-balancing the energies they each represent.

Armed with magic, and support from the men sent into their lives by Fate, they are forced to work together, whether they like it or not. With help from the magical beings in a land called Wisteria, the women must unlock the secrets of a mysterious journal, before the Shadowman grows so strong that even the combined Power of Four won’t be able to stop him.

Book One – Sea of Dreams

Book Two – Winds of Change


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